No rest for the wicked!!

The day started off a bit rough since the Youngin’ was up all throughout the night!  He must have had a little stomach bug, because he was feeling pretty miserable 😦 

It made me want to have a low-key, stay in my jammies, ignore the chores kind of day….that never happens with me.  It is my own fault, I just cannot sit still and leave things undone!  It is a pet peeve of my husband that I cannot just watch a movie or lay around, I always pop up with something to do and keep me ‘busy’ while relaxing!  I get it from my dad who gets it from his mom…the productive Germans 😉  Eventually I made it to the grocery store and decided to try something new (thanks to last week’s Staple Sunday by Carrie)!  I bought my first avocado….ever!!! 

Happy to meet my new friend, Avocado!

I also had little Miss.Carrie in mind when I got these new organic chocolate bars.  I had never noticed them before and thought they would be great chopped up and added to….everything!

I have way too many varieties of dark chocolate in my pantry!!

I got right to work on the avocados…I wanted to make some homemade guacamole to eat with my pita chips and Mahi Mahi.  First mistake is that I did not realize they were not completely ripe…

Quite hard and not very 'green'....but, I add the lime anyways 😉

Easy Guacamole:

I scooped out the avocado and added the juice of half a lime.  Then I  mixed in: 1/2 diced Roma Tomato, about 1tb diced red onion, 1Tb diced red pepper, and 1 tsp of cilantro sauce.

Too tough for a fork mashing, so it was into the food processor with these goodies!

It did not get all mashed up, it turned into more of a salsa type consistency, but that was okay.  Now I know to brown bag the other avocado for another attempt next weekend 🙂

The guacamole 'salsa'

The best part about being in the kitchen is that I always have two eager participants just waiting for droppings! 

Can we have some, Mommy?

The Youngin’ plays with a picture of James that we have laminated and stuck to the fridge with a magnet, so as long as I give him a piece of biscuit every few seconds he is content to just hang out with me!

Gavin want a cracker???

After playing with my babies for a bit I  broiled  the Mahi Mahi and asparagus with: lime, lemon and pepper.  I also toasted a new Whole Wheat flat pita/wrap thing to have with the guacamole salsa!  This meal was so amazingly delicious and flavorful, I was almost tempted to eat the left overs- but I decided to be nice and give them to myself for lunch tomorrow;)

Augh, so good!!!

I was now determined to get that Yoga and final Shred into my day so I could say I met all of my goals.  The idea was to do the Shred and then stretch it out with the Yoga Meltdown ….I must have been crazy to think her Yoga Meltdown would be slow and easy!!!  I was shaking, sweating and laughing at my own pain!!  The two back to back workouts was 1hr 5min and 1173 calories!!!! I could not believe it!!  After that I felt I deserved to relax….so in true Amanda Fashion, I made my lunch, did laundry, cleaned the upstairs, did all of the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, got my stuff ready for work and THEN watched a movie with the Hub!  Now it is time to go read my Runner’s World magazine while I chug my water with Juicy Fruit….I have a date with a 2 mile run at 5am!

How do you relax?  Do you get antsy and feel like you have to be doing something while already doing something?


3 responses to “No rest for the wicked!!

  1. WOW what a workout!! and YAY for avocados!! your avo-salasa still sounds super tasty! the annoying thing about avocados is that its hard to get them perfectly ripe.. if they’re not ripe at all or if they’re overripe.. its just not the same!

  2. I love avocados… I was intimidated at first, and using a whole one up by myself can sometimes be hard to do (because I feel like once you cut into them, they go bad quickly!), but after a while you’ll become a pro!
    I have Yoga Meltdown and like it, but haven’t done it for over 6 months… oops. Not just a big yoga person…

  3. Great workout! I love the guacamole but I couldn’t help but smile at the photo of James and Gavin on the floor. Gavin is sooo cute!

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