Mud and Markets

It was the perfect morning for a run with WOOT!!  I brought my date balls and  determination to do the best I could!!!

We could not get over how gorgeous the view was as we were running to the trail, the sun was rising over the trees…so breathtaking (I will try to get a copy of Amy’s picture so I can post it).  We got to the trail and despite being a bit lot narrow, Tricia and I stuck together for some laughs at the expense of our weak ankles!  It then got a little bit steep, muddy and challenging!

Trying to stick to one side, but doing more of a one foot on each side hop/slide/run

There were parts where we were able to keep a steady pace, even though our running was a bit crafty.  When the hills came that is when we were really having  a rough time…

One side is too muddy and slippery, and the other is slippery due to the grass and leaves...what to do, what to do?

We agreed that is was not a run for the faint of heart, those ladies are amazing that can blast through this trail.  It was literally unfamiliar terrain for us- both the actual area, and the trail running.  We kept going as best as we could.  If we had to walk we walked (quickly) and if we were able to run we busted into a run!!  We even had some ‘help’ along the way:

A helpful ramp (my students will love this since we are learning 'simple machines' in Science!

A danger sign....

Hmmmm, could it really get any more tricky??  Uh, YES!! Check out this DROP!!  We were laughing and slipping along this narrow pathway….there may have been a few dramatic slipping ‘acts’.

There was about a foot between this on our left and the fence on our right

After this we really dug in and ran the rest of the way to the end.  We then decided to hit the road so we could add some more mileage to our day!  For some reason as soon as we hit the road I started getting a pain in my right hip flexor…not really sure what that was about.  We ran to the 4 mile mark and then turned around for the uphill return.  I had to stop two times….not too happy about that.  My foot kept going numb (also the right leg, which is weird because usually it is my left leg that gives me trouble).  Thank God for Tricia, she was patient but got me going and just stuck by my side helping me focus and reach certain landmarks as we went along.  When we got to the top of the hill, the right foot was okay but the left foot went asleep….we realized we stopped too early (we weren’t back to the right parking lot).  I wanted to suck it up, and not feel like I had given up at all, so I started running.  It made me feel better.  It was after we were done that we realized I may be tying my shoes too tight.  I had the foot of an 80 year old…veins were popping out and my ankles were swollen….hee hee, oops!!  Now I know!  Thanks to Tricia and ‘The Stick” (totally getting one) I was able to stretch and massage it out while sharing some date balls with her and another new running friend, Christian!  The stats for this up and down run: 1:08 for 5.15miles (remember the mud and hills when seeing this time!), I burned 1329 calories!!!

My bags of balls for all 😉

We decided we are going to run the Sea Wall next Saturday at 6:30 so we can keep to a road run and work on my actual distance/time 🙂  I know I will succeed with these ladies by my side 🙂  Next, it was time for James’ football game…2nd last game, next week is his last week 😦

He is going to miss hanging out with his new football friends!!

We continued our “Mommy and Boys Day” by going to the market San-A…I was STARVING, the PB2 and toast had long wore off and lunch time was suddenly right in front of me….minus the actual lunch!  This is usually dangerous territory for me because I turn in to a slight crazy monster when I am hungry.  We were able to get a great amount of produce, some chicken, some fiber snack bar things, and the strawberries for my Choco-Coconut-Banana-Raw-Fudge Cake!!!  I ate a banana and a fiber bar thing in the car so I was not tempted to just a fast food joint….SUCCESS!!

My spread from San-A

I was introduced to the fiber bars from a co-worker, they are a teeny bit dry so I am going to crumble and made date balls out of them, AND used them crushed on top of tofu pudding.  Of course, I am going to eat them plain as well, because I love the bit of cranberry mixed in there!!

No idea what this says, but they are healthy and versatile!

I also grabbed some ‘salad topper’ bags!  I love to just sprinkle these onto lettuce ~ Voila, there is your salad, no fuss and no muss!!

The bits of pepper in the second bag added a nice sweet taste to my salad!

I made up the chicken with some mixed spices and cumin, then toasted a pita to have with the last of my red pepper hummus (might make some tomorrow).  It was a simple lunch, but the important thing is that I avoided the convenience of fast food for what I really was wanting and what I knew would leave me feeling good!

Nice blends of tastes and textures!!

But we all know what I was waiting for….well maybe you don’t, but it was the raw cake!!!!  I set it up nice and purtty so it would be even more enjoyable!!

Sprinkled with raw coconut, and Dark Fantasy All-Natural Fudge!!

Every bite was so moist and AMAZING!!

Since I already had the Fantasy Fudge out, I decided to take a few extra berries and have some fresh choco dipped strawberries to finish off the yummy dessert!!

Does it get any better than this???

I decided to relax as best as I could for the rest of the afternoon.  James was in a chill-out mood, wanting to just take it easy.  The Youngin’ was seeming to not feel very well, so we just did a lot of cuddling and playing on the floor!  I made some Tofu Parmesan for dinner (will post recipe with pics tomorrow) and ate that with some peas and 1/2 pita (didn’t eat the whole 1/2, I wasn’t really feeling it with the parm). 

Looks a little boring (kinda was) but it tasted so good!

What I was feeling was tired, so I’m making an early night of it by just reading my Shape magazine while smacking on Juicy Fruit/drinking water (I combo I need in order to get my daily water fix…explained all of this to Tricia in between laughs)!  Have a happy weekend (what is left of it)!!

Have any interesting running stories/obstacles/experiences to share?  My vice is chocolate, I need it in some form every day, what is your vice?  Do you have any weird associations (aka: juicy fruit with water)?


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