“Sprint and catch me, Mama!”

These words put me in super power mode, they made me dig deep, they made me decide to run an extra half mile when I was hurting, and they made me see what an impression I am making on my son!!

How my son sees me 🙂

I am a sulky runner, working on making my body get used to the shooting leg pains, shin splints, and the weird chicken leg shake that my left leg seems to always do when I am getting tired.  I am also a mom who wants to set a strong example, and this week really gave me that opportunity!

Me and Eric before our run...James was our cheering section!

I made a promise to Eric that I was not going to complain, be negative or say “I can’t” for the whole run.  I got through the first mile okay, then that crazy leg started acting up…I think my feet are rolling inward, and this is causing crazy pain in the tendon by my ankle bone and then up my leg.  I took some strides just on the balls of my feel to try and stretch it out…then I just let myself speed walk for 30 seconds, sucked it up and went right back at it!  This is when James was cheering and super excited!  I got to 1.75 and that is when the chicken leg kicked in…I somehow start shaking my leg while I am running (and I am not sure I am doing this voluntarily) which doesn’t even make it better.  James running up ahead (as if racing us) and Eric told me to just sprint and catch him.  All I hear is, “Sprint and catch me, Mom” followed by crazy girl screams of delight!  That was what I needed.  I sprinted to catch him and felt a great relief knowing I did that (uphill).  My problem was that I didn’t hit the 2 mile mark…..so, I talked to James for a second, and then ran another 1/2 mile loop with him cheering me on!!

All the motivation I need on a hard day!!

I was excited to show that instead of stopping just short of two miles, I dug in and added more to my distance AND I cut my time!!!!  I was running 10:59/mile which is a jump from 11:30/mile (my fastest so far).  I am happy with how the run went and I am ready to just keep chugging along, especially when I can have my number one fan racing me!!

The picture James took after the run!!

Now all I need is to see if more of my goodies come in the mail tomorrow…I want that PB2!!!!  I get to have a great Friday with my awesome students, and then it is veg out time (after the Shred) tomorrow night!!  Gotta love relaxing nights at the end of a busy week!! 

What do you like to do on Friday night?  Are you a homebody or do you like being out with a crowd?

One response to ““Sprint and catch me, Mama!”

  1. Great job on the run! Kids such great motivators…one of my friends runs with her 4 year old and yesterday he told her “Mommy, I don’t feel well when you walk” when she walked up a hill instead of running during our morning 4 mile run 🙂

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