Foodie Friday!!!!

I think the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Gods were listening to me yesterday!!!!  I got my PB2 order AND my replacement Wax Orchards order today, TGIF!!!

A new flavor for me!!!

You know I dug into this RIGHT away!!!

As soon as I saw these, I literally squealed with delight!!!  I cracked those babies open to taste test and then decided on some yummy apple with PB2 and Choco PB2!!!  Oh, nothing could get me down right now….except this:

I get these from the commissary WAY too often!!!

Not to worry, I had another one hanging out ready to be sliced up and smothered with PB2…so, onto the apple slicer

So one apple was too soft, I guess this one was too hard!

I guess it is time to retire throw away my apple slicer….no hesitation, I need to buy a new one asap!!  After I pried my apple out of the slicer and then hacked it to death I made a yummy plate of peanut butter goodness

A little too much water mixed with the choco PB2, but still SO delicious!!

It is so sad that as soon as I crack open a new treat, I am already thinking about how to ration it out until I leave here because I don’t know if I should order anything so close to us leaving!  I will savor every single heaping spoonful bite!  Then it was time to get my butt in the kitchen and whip out some more goodies….the plan: coconut butter, chocolate/banana coconut butter to make into raw fudge cake (a la Katie), peanut butter/chocolate/coconut balls, and then some almond date balls for a post-run snack!  So here we go, some new ingredients to add some different flava!!

I love seeing all of these healthy, natural and 'good for me' ingredients

The food processor seems to be heading down the same road as the apple slicer…it is just not cutting it (ha ha, get it?)  I had the raw coconut going for about 20 minutes and it STILL did not turn to buttah, so I am going to have to try to and get another one so I do not have these problems.  I was waiting so long for the coconut, that I started to roll and crush the Kashi Go Lean for my balls!

I’m a busy mama, time to multitask!

Gavin was happy to chill in his high chair eating some yummy Arrow Root Biscuits from Canada.  He loved watching the garbage awesome processor whirl the coconut around!

James can run with you, I can bake with you 🙂

We got the coconut/banana/chocolate butter all made (finally!) and pressed into a container to freeze.  Then it will go in the fridge so I can cut it into mini triangles for some yummy raw fudge cake…I am going to put a drizzle of Wax Orchards, Natural whipped cream, and (hopefully) some fresh strawberries on top!

May not look pretty now, but it will!

Okay, time for the peanut butter, Kashi Go Lean, Date and Chocolate balls…mixed up:  1/2 cup of Kashi Go Lean (crushed) 2 tsp PB2 powder, 1Tb Cocoa, 8 dates, and 1tsp of shredded raw coconut….use more crushed Kashi for dusting!!  These look the same as the other Fudgie Friends, but have such a different taste!!

Looking good!!

Next was the traditional Almond/Date fudgie friends, but with a few tweaks due to the new ingredients!  I added some coconut buttah shreds, a drizzle of almond soy milk and a little cocoa!  Of course, I rolled ’em up with a few dark choco chips!

New, best 'fugdie friends'!!

I decided to whip up my overnight oats so they are ready for my trail run with Tricia and WOOT tomorrow morning, I just want to eat them as soon as I make them!!! 

A splash of Almond Soy Milk, 1/2 tsp Fantasy Fudge and 1Tb Tofu Pudding!

So enough with the kitchen, the Youngin’ and I are ready to shake of the day.  He chose to scream and laugh at Eric through the patio window (Eric is working on James’ Batmobile- AKA: Power Wheels that he has pimped out).  I decided to shake it off with the Shred!!!  Love that Jillian Michaels!!  I spoke to a friend who recommended her Yoga Meltdown…so guess what I am going to be doing tomorrow to meet my Yoga goal for the week??!!!  I plan on doing it in the afternoon after I have ‘Mommy and Boys” fun together…the Hub is goin’ fishin’ with the big boys!!  I will give a review of what I think about it, but I am sure it will be awesome!!!  Happy Friday, everyone!!  I know I had a GREAT day, and cannot wait for a trail run, new fudgie friends, and a day with my boys tomorrow!

How do you use PB or powdered PB?  What foods do you love to mix together?  What is your favorite post work-out snack?

6 responses to “Foodie Friday!!!!

  1. These look yummy! And I HATE when I get bad fruit at the commissary! Grrrr…. You should get the Pampered Chef apple slicer! I’ll be hosting another show soon with the new catalog 😉

    • That is so funny, Ally – I just told Eric the day before it broke that I needed to get the pampered chef one (we had one and don’t know what happened to it). He asked if it HAD to be pampered chef and I told him that ‘yes, it had to because this cheap piece of plastic is going to break any day now’….and it did, the next day! Let me know when you host a show…we leave here April 16th 🙂

  2. oh wow!! lucky you with all those finds!! i cant wait till i get my PB2!! i also love peanut flour. but im guessing PB2 is much better! my fav post workout snack is hearty green monster!

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  4. Hey – I’ve seen those balls all over the place! I made the chocolate chip cookie dough balls from for the superbowl party and they were a HUGE hit (I could eat the whole blender full of batter myself!) – didn’t realize you live in Okinama, that’s so cool 🙂

    • I make about a million different versions of them…I made them into bars last night! It is staring me down and begging me to eat it!!! I will try the cookie dough balls, I love the recipes from her site!! Okinawa is pretty nice, beautiful views and great places to run!!! Next it is onto Germany, so I will be running all over Europe;)

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