Coconut, knit socks, and Buddha ;)

What a great day I had!!  That is not sarcasm, though I am known to be over-the-top slighty sarcastic at times!

I started off with my beloved egg beater omelet…I cannot get enough of these.  I had an omelet once when I worked at a gym (yonder ago) and had to be at work for 5:30am.  I made a veggie and ham omelet and near puked….the texture was NOT okay to me!  When I started this blog I vowed to try new things and be more adventurous…yes, I know an omelet is not adventurous, but to me it really is!  SOOO, I had that egg beater omelet and felt like I had really been missing out…hence my constant eating of them to make up for it!

Bad angle, but you can literally SEE the steam coming off of it!!!

I have been noticing that I am getting hungrier in the afternoons so I thought I better bring some more protein or pack snacks with a bit more ‘punch’.  I added a lovely low-carb whole wheat tortilla with natural PB and a banana to the mix for the day….I could eat these every meal of the day(these and Fiber One Frosted Shredded Wheat…more on that later)!

I want to take it right off the screen and eat it!!

Then I bundled up my beautiful little overnight oats with banana so I could enjoy them at work!  I think I have a love affair with overnight oats….

Add a little 'Fantasy Fudge' and I am in heaven!

The rest of the day went well, it was sunny and the students we keeping me laughing throughout the day!  They love for me to tell them embarrassing stories from when I was little.  This week I tell them 3 stories a day (I am a klutz and have many stories) it is so funny to watch them roar with laughter at my expense 😉  The funniest part is that I have the habit of laughing when I am telling the stories, so I end up taking forever to get the story told in between snorts and chokes of laughter….ah, these are the times I love!!!  The great mood continued when I got an email telling me that I received my Coconut order from Coconut Oil Online and a package from my Nanny in Canada (she is probably one of my most favorite people EVER!!)  I was so excited to get home and then see this!!

Here comes homemade coconut butter and tasty treats!!

Cozy knit socks for the whole family!! I will be cuddling up with these babies no matter what the weather!

I was so happy to see my goodies, but I was in a rush to get to a meeting (everything Buddha) so I had to figure out a way to eat quickly while holding the cranky and sleepy Youngin’……what is a girl to do????  Well, cue the Fiber One Shredded Wheat and grapes…it is all about finger food when you are holding a fussy baby 😉

I could seriously eat a whole box in one sitting!

A nice bite of freshness!

So I have ended my night with some lovely chants, awesome people, making up tomorrow’s bento and now off to read before sleepy time!!  Tomorrow I am going to make coconut butter and get some yummy recipes for my new items from Katie!!

What are your simple pleasures?  What gets you excited when it comes to food and new items? 


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