It’s all mental…

What is my biggest running obstacle?  The mental part of it. 

I think I have a tape seriously programmed in my head that just constantly repeats: “My legs are dead, this is hard, why is this so hard for me but looks so easy for others, I am not going to make it to my goal distance today, my legs are not co-operating, this sucks, I need to just keep going but it feels like I can’t“.

BOO, to my mental running weaknesses...this has GOT to change!

My Hub was trying to motivate me, he told me to just keep going, he was giving suggestions and here I was just spewing negativity about why it was just not working for me.  The worst part was rather than focusing on the fact that I was out there with the wind blasting me, running, pushing through and running for the first time with my husband, I was focusing on everything negative.  I did my 2 miles and felt defeated….mentally.  I wanted so badly to keep up with him, to have an easy run and to not feel intimidated by the fact that he has been running for a LONG time….but that was my problem…I intimidated myself and it set me up to feel like no matter how well I did, it was not good enough.   Would I ever make another person feel that way, NO WAY!!!  Why was it so easy to do it to myself?  I beat myself up about being tired while running, but I WAS still running…not giving up.  I beat myself up for beating myself up….what kind of vicious cycle is this?  This is what I need to do….

Easier said than done...but NECESSARY!!

My goal is not going to be distance or time on Thursday, my goal is going to be to just run.  Shut myself off mentally and just be happy to run with my husband.   Focus on my biggest supporter’s positive words and eventually they will rub off on me 😉

You got this, baby!!

How do you get past the mental blocks?  What distracts you from negativity and gets you into a determination state of mind?  How do you avoid dead legs/legs going numb?


10 responses to “It’s all mental…

  1. Yes, running is sooo mental. I think about how great I feel after the run…that usually helps. I just go. But also a buddy/group helps. 🙂 Accountability!

    Also, my running group back home has a great mantra, “Don’t limit yourself by your own self doubts!” Soooo true! Go get ’em on Thursday!

    • Yes, I have always done this…with everything. I guess negative impressions passed onto you really can leave their mark! It was so much more enjoyable running on a road with you and having a conversation. Running loops where I am looking at the distance and calculating is just not doing it for me. I am going to see if we can start running somewhere else, where it is just running…check the time and distance AFTER! I think I will keep that mantra in my head!!!! 🙂

  2. runnning is SO mental and i agree that it is really difficultto get over that!! the way i did was to just learn how to enjoy running.. i didnt set boundaries i didnt try to make unrealistic goals.. i just ran until I wanted to stop

    • I think you hit the nail on the head….no boundries and expectations, just do your best! That is why I want to take it off the track/1/2 mile loop…if I just run it seems a lot more enjoyable than seeing how much further I ‘have’ to go!!

  3. Lol…for a second I thought you were holding up a pregnancy test!! I need to start running again. Used to in college, but when I moved back here I quit working out. You go girl!! Lol

    • Oh Boy!!! No more babies for me 😉 I have never been a runner, so it is all new to me…just working out the kinks as I go!!!! There, I should get you to come take a pic when I finish my first 5K, ha ha!!

  4. Elizabeth McFarland

    Hey! I am one of the WOOT gals, too. Not a great runner, more of a fast walker, but trying to work my way up to a respectable pace/distance. If you ever want a jogging buddy, shoot me an email or post a note on Facebook. Keep it up!

  5. that is SO true.

    running is completely mental, and if you psych yourself up, you’ll never reach your full potential.

    running finally became natural to me when I just kept on doing it. I stopped stressing about it, and I told myself it didn’t matter how fast I did it or for how long I went.

    THEN, once I got out of my head and stopped stressing, it just started coming so naturally to me. Now, it’s no big for me to hop on the treadmill and pump out a quick 8 miles like it’s nothing! 🙂

    and trust me, I used to cry as a 7th grader having to run one mile for field hockey. I’ve come a LONG way.

    • My husband said to me last night that I have to be proud of what I do instead of worrying about what I didn’t do. We ran 2 miles together again (yesterday) and I did better than Tuesday for sure, but still felt disappointed that my legs were hurting (more my left leg- aka: messed up leg) so badly after just one mile. After I do the 5K in two weeks, I am just going to do exactly what you said- not worry about it, just do it and watch the change come 🙂 Thanks for the advice and motivation….it will be a great day when I can do an 8-miler 😀

  6. i get thru mental setbacks by reminding myself that the first two miles are ALWAYS the hardest. I just have to keep going back and forth in my head between the devil that says this is hard and the angel that says I am lucky to be doing this.

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