Valentine’s in moderation…

There is no reason to avoid chocolate and treats on V-day; however, there is no need to go ‘all-out-eat-everything-you-see’ crazy!!

My Valentine for James

 One of my goals for the week was to enjoy Valentine’s, have some treats if I want them, enjoy them and not feel guilty about it!  That is exactly what I did!  We had our work potluck and the ladies did not disappoint (we were in charge of desserts).  I was able to enjoy a teeny piece (about 2-3 bites) of a Weight Watchers Strawberry Shortcake, a Sugar-Free Strawberry-Pretzel Dessert, my Red-Velvet Cake, and about 3 Hershey kisses.  I decided to eat my Salmon, asparagus, toasted WW pita and hummus before I browsed the pot luck goodies!  I also placed my tofu pudding and banana, plus one of my mini cupcake shaped flax brownies on my plate before adding anything else.  Everything was really yummy, and I even saved half the banana and tofu pudding so I wouldn’t feel over-stuffed (I ate it before leaving for the day).  My students spoiled me with goodies, but I actually just kept them on my desk and then packed them into a cute hello kitty baggie to take home.

I took the picture after I had already given some to James!

When I got home Eric was making some feta and spinach stuffed chicken for the grill, roasted veggies, and wild rice!!  I was feeling pretty hungry so I decided to indulge in a treat BEFORE dinner since I didn’t want to have one too late in the evening.  I went with 2 of the mini banana/choco chip cupcakes on of my students made me.  I shared them with Gavin 🙂  They were so good!!  I had a bit of time before dinner so I decided to get my workout in before I got full and lazy…Day 6 of the Shred!!  Man, I love that work-out and so I figured I would show it how much I love it by giving it every bit of energy I had in me 🙂  Then it was din-din time!!

Everything was so good!! I cannot wait for left-overs!

Since I had my little treats through-out the day, I didn’t go with a dessert.  I felt satisfied and happy with my meal and did not need to eat sweets so I could fit more into my day 🙂  In the words of Bob Dylan, “the times, they are a changin'”…last year would have been a completely different ending!!  This year I am wiser, healthier and getting to be a more intuitive eater…best gift EVER!!

Before you can love others, you need to love yourself!

What changes do you notice in yourself when it comes to making healthier choices?  What gifts/rewards have you given yourself lately?


2 responses to “Valentine’s in moderation…

  1. Just ran across your blog and thought I’d say hi! 🙂

    Aww, I love homemade Valentine’s cards! So sweet! 🙂 Love that you are all about moderation when it comes to sweets. 🙂

    • Aww, thank you!!! I always try to go the homemade route because that is what my sister and I always did growing up…more meanigfil and sentimental 😉 Glad you found the blog, now I am going to peek through yours 🙂

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