Goals for Feb 14th -Feb 20th

How did I do with this past week…pretty good!! 

I skipped Yoga and did an extra run (is that even really bad?).  I made sure to do a lot of stretching and strengthening this week as well!!!

I was hoping to try a new class at they gym ; but, the only day I have is Monday.  This didn’t work out because they cancelled all group classes due to the superbowl…yes, I am serious!  SOOOO, no group class BUT I did the group trail run, so I am still happy!!!

Tried to plan for the family get-away and got shut down, places are BOOKED!  We decided to try for a different location so we are aiming for the last weekend in February to get our family get-away!

My goals for this week are:

1.  Run 3 days: Tue, Thur, Sat.  Do 2 miles each on Tue and Thur with the Hub at the loop near our house.  NO TREADMILL, unless the weather is really rainy.  Sat- aim for 4 miles on the trail run…include road if needed in order to get those 4 miles in!!

2.  Enjoy treats on Valentines with students and my 3 gorgeous boys without guilt or punishing thoughts!  Save room for some goodies, and then eat normal the rest of the day!! Do the Shred V-Day evening and a possible mile with the dog.

3.  Do the Shred at least 3 times…I am not promising Yoga this week since I have not followed through…I am just really loving the Shred.  Okay, I will say 30 min of yoga ONCE this week…that is NOT hard to attain!!

4.  Go on a date with the hub!!  We are already agreeing to run together Tue and Thur, which I am sooooo excited about!!!!  However, we need some alone time so, I have a friend who has a great sitter and I am going to try to book her for Friday night…here’s hoping I can get her!!!!

5.  Enjoy and accept all success and set-backs: I cannot beat myself up over a bad run like I did last week.  I should not need someone else to tell me it is okay, I should  already know that!!!  Be confident and proud that I am out there doing my best and have not missed a run, a workout (usually just swap them out) and I have really made some great changes!!  Learn to self-reward with positivity and OWN the improvements I have been making!!

What are your weekly goals?  Do you need to remind yourself that it is okay to stumble or are you able to just shake off the ‘bad’ days?


5 responses to “Goals for Feb 14th -Feb 20th

  1. great goals this week! i like-y! uh, i started running pushing Ruby in the jogging stroller. it’s a lot different! i get a lot more winded quicker! i did 2 days in a row…gonna try doing that during the week cause it kicks my butt! also, it’s more fun for her than walking…all the wind in her hair! ha!

    • Oh Man, that stroller running…props to you!! That is ROUGH!!! What a great workout though, and it is a bonus that she loves it!! The windy weather lately cannot help you much, that is always a brutal add-on to any run! After a few more trail runs, we will have to hit up Habu..I hear she’s a tricky one!

    • Hey!!! I just wanted to ask the website where you get all of your gear!! I am thinking of batting my eyes and getting the Hub to agree to get me the SPI belt (is that right?) and the Garmin 305 from Amazon. First,I just want to look at the gear you were telling me about 🙂 Hope you have a great day- this weather is so weird!!!

      Amanda Groff http://www.groffsgirl.com

  2. GREAt goals!! i esp like 2 and 5.. those are the most important 😉

  3. Sorry for the slow response, Amanda…
    The SPI belt is nice & smaller than the Ifitness belt. I will bring both this Saturday so you can take a look and see the differences. I got a ton of stuff at Road Runner Sports, there was a huge store in San Diego, so I was always buying stuff like every weekend!

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