Easy like a Sunday morning…

 By easy I mean non-stop busy and by morning I mean

ALL day!!

The Youngin’ let me sleep in until 6:53….I could not believe it!!  That is the latest I have slept in a long time (mostly due to the unnecessary insomnia I can’t seem to shake off).  I got right to work on a Sunday Breakfast Pizzert.  I decided to add oats, coconut and dark chocolate chips to the top!!!

Bake for 12 min....please, turn out!!!

I used Whole Wheat pastry flour, baking powder, cinnamon, a sprinkle of dark brown sugar, SF syrup, and a bit of water…

The ingredients

It came out looking FANTASTIC!!  I melted some PB in the microwave and drizzled some on top, then served some fruit salad on the side…

(Before I put on the PB)

With the PB...

I added some SF syrup, and…..well, I should not have added oats without adding a splash of almond milk or something because it was a little dry and heavy.  Ah well, I still ate most of mine!!  I know what adjustments to make for next time!  Then it was time for me to make a treat for Valentine’s Day.  I wanted to try a new recipe so I went for the Black Bean Fudge Brownies:

Used the food processor to ensure it was all mixed togther!!

Added some dark chocolate chips to the top!

The batter tasted good (I had a little lick before washing the spoon;) ).  BUT, when they came out….not so yummy!  The beans were over-whelming and it just did not seem to bake well.  It was still a bit chunky and just all sorts of WRONG!!  So, that was the second successful not so good recipe of the day…no discouragement for THIS girl!!!  I moved right along to make some fudgie friends!  I decided to toast some oats with cocoa powder to add into the mix today!

Oats...lightly roasted

Then I got out a few different ingredients to add, just to mix it up a bit.  I am surprised I was still feeling adventurous and didn’t just stick to the recipe I knew was good….but we have to be open to failure 😉

New items: Dark Brown Sugar, Flax Multi-Grain, and Oh Fudge sauce!

First I blended the oats and almonds together until they were nice and ready for the dates

Adding the dates and a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa

Then I added about 1/2 tsp of the Oh Fudge sauce, 1tsp of Soy Almond Milk, and 1 tsp of SF syrup

Almost done!!

I decided to crush the Flax Multi-Grain and roll the Fudgie Balls in the crumbs, to create a different texture

They are looking mighty tasty!

Then I put them in some mini-muffin liners to keep in the freezer.  That way they are nice and cool (not sticky) when I have them for my morning snack!!

Showing some love for my balls 😉

Then it was time to put together James’ Valentine’s Goodie bags and get him to color all 20 of his printed Valentine’s!!  He did a great job (I may have helped out by coloring like  a 5-year-old so he didn’t have to color so many….don’t judge 😉 )  We attached them all to the goodie bags and let me tell you, he was very excited about it!!

Coloring of the Valentine's.....check!


Goodie bags...check!

 Next I decided to go for a run on my day off.  YES, it was supposed to be a Yoga day since I did the 6.4K (trail/road run) yesterday and the Shred last night, but it was really nice out so I figured I would go for it.  There is a little park area right across from my house that has a half mile (bit of hilly) loop.  I ran it 3 times for 1.5 miles in 16:42…so that is an 11:34 mile (is that right?).  Then I came home and took James and Meiko to a different park to play and run around some more!  We love to be outside!  There is no rest for the wicked, so it was right into the cake I had to make for my school V-Day Potluck (boys bring lunch eats, girls bring dessert)…I chose to make Red Velvet Cake!

Mixed in some food dye to the icing and then decorated the rest 🙂

Oh no, I was still not done!  I was still a little bit peeved about the brownie fail, so I decided to whip out the Hodgson Mills Mix I ordered and give it a try!  Nothing wrong with some whole wheat brownies loaded with flax…that is what I will be eating at the potluck (mixed with a banana and chocolate tofu pudding).  These turned out a lot better!!

A tasty mix....has a hint of a bran muffin taste, which I like!!

A little dark choco chip on top 🙂

I decided to finally stop for the night….but then changed my mind and made a batch of gluten-free pancakes for me to have for breakfasts this week…added a little chopped dark choco, cinnamon and almond milk to the mix for extra flavor 🙂  (No pic of these, I have retired my camera for the night).  Now it is time to lay with the Hub, watch a goofy movie that is on TV, and then go to bed!!  I think I will sleep well tonight….hopefully 😉

What baking mishaps have you had lately?  What is your favorite ‘no fail’ recipe?


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  1. This just made me really hungry! Come cook for ME!lol!

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