The First Trail Run!!!

So I started talking about this about a week or so ago!

There is a Women’s Running Group here in Okinawa- WOOT (Women on Okinawa Trails).  They run every Saturday morning at 7am on different trails around the area.  Today was a run down some farm roads (a l’il bumpy and muddy) which is something I have never done before!

I am I ready??? Yikes, I think I am ready!!

It was pretty chilly and windy, but I was geared up with my new Asics Cumulus 12’s and a running partner- Tricia!  I picked her up at 6:30am and we navigated out way to the Starbuck’s parking lot to meet with the other women.  We started running right of the bat, down the main roads until we got to the farm road.  My shins were in a bit of pain, but a few little (appx. 30 seconds to 60 seconds) walk breaks helped out with that.  I was not used to running without a warm up or running on rough terrain.  It is a great way to make you pay attention 🙂

We did just over 2 miles on the trails and while the other ladies continued on the trail, Tricia and I went back to the main road to head back.  There are ladies training for 50K and 100K races….Holy, Inspiration!!!  We talked and enjoyed the fresh air (cold air turns to fresh air when you are sweating and turning red in the face…at least to me 😉 )  We got back to the light at Starbucks and checked Tricia’s Garmin- 3.8 miles….HELL NO, we decided to take it to the end of the alley in order to make it 4 miles…we ended up doing about 4.09miles.  The pace was 11:53 with the lights and l’il walk breaks.   I am happy with that for now because I was able to DOUBLE my distance, after I maintain distance work I will start to train for better time.

Tricia and I after the run!!!

What made this amazing for me is that there were so many times I would have just stopped, but I had Tricia (and Amy for the first half) to keep me motivated by just simply talking and keeping me distracted.  We talked about stresses and how this was a great way to just get it out of our system, we talked motherhood, travelling, races, and goals!  It was so motivating and lifting to find a running buddy that is so easy to talk to and so amazing…hello, she ran the NY Marathon 2 months after her baby was born….YES, 2 MONTHS after her baby was born!!!  This running partner is a KEEPER!!!! 

Thanks, Tricia!!!!!

To finish off our refreshing morning we indulged in the Buckies for a nice drink on the way home!  I didn’t end up drinking most of mine because instead of ‘sukoshi’ (a little – or half pump) syrup, I think they gave me extra syrup. Ah well, I ran 4 miles – 6.4K, I ran on trails, I doubled my distance, and I met a new friend!  Who needs a full Non Fat Tall Mocha Frapp with half extra pump when you got all that other good stuff going on???? 

James took my picture when I got home, "How was your run, mom?" Love it!!!

Do you run with a buddy or group?  What motivates you to push through a tough spot?  What do you find most motivating about running with others?


6 responses to “The First Trail Run!!!

  1. Hi! Wow, you are too kind! You made me sound like superwoman! I must correct you though…I trained for 2 1/2 months after the required 10 weeks my doc told me to lay off running post c-section. So, in fact, my baby was almost 5 months old when I raced in NY. Nevertheless, it was a quick training schedule for the marathon, that’s why I have this darn achilles tendinitis thingy. So, I like this slower, gradual training…we will be rockin’ by the time you leave! sniff, sniff! Anyways, WAY TO GO today! Woohoo or Woot Woot! 🙂

  2. i prefer running solo!! i guess its cuz i like having my ipod in and rockin to the music ahah. but its always nice to have buddy for extra long runs!

  3. Well 5 months or 2.5 months….you trained in no time flat, Tricia!! That is just truly amazing!!!! I also love some good tunage, Carrie! I have some songs that I love to just listen to over and over, they get me going….the unfortunate part is that I still have that voice that tries to convincre me to stop running…a running buddy will help me to re-train that weakness. A goal: to be able to run long distance on my own 😉

  4. Woohoo! You did awesome! I loved running with you and Tricia. See you next week.

  5. I really like to run solo when I am doing my long slow runs – only because I hav become addicted to listening to books on my iPod while I run. Makes the time fly. When I am doing pace runs (steady 9min pace for 4 miles) I prefer to have a friend along – makes the time fly and it’s easier to push myself when someone else is there.

    I have been wanting to try the WOOT runs but have been a little nervous about the potential for injury and the intensity level of the run. I don’t want to be left in the dust and ultimately get lost in the woods! My neighbor Alicia did this past weekend run and LOVED it (but she said she went 7 miles)! I am signed up to do the Cocok’s day with the WOOT group – I have lots of questions for these ladies!

    hopefully once I am fully recovered I can try this!

    • I love having the company, I need the distraction when I want to run longer. I was so intimidated too, but they branch off and it was good! I found the trail rough since I am just getting used to not running on a treadmill, but I think it was good for me to get the diversity!! I will be going again this Saturday!!!

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