Sleepless in Okinawa…

So the beach kicked my butt on Wednesday so I wanted to see how the track would treat me on Thursday. 

I had been up since 3am…yes, 3am (Youngin’ was coughing all night, and like most moms, I CANNOT sleep when it seems my baby is in distress).  I tossed turned, stared at the clock, maybe cursed a little, and then gave up at 4:38am.  I got up and started getting ready for work.  It lead to being flustered, tired, anxious and not getting Wed’s Blog up.  Ah well, can’t ever always have a great sleep! 

Onto the running…I decided to change my running days to Tue, Thur and Sat so I can include trail runs into my training.  This meant doubling up for the second time this week.  After the beach run, I was determined that the track would be easier.  I am trying to stay away from the treadmill because I think it tricked me into thinking running outside was just as easy…to me, it isn’t!!

I figured I need more fuel to get me going, since I went without a pre-run snack on Wednesday, I assumed it might have hurt me!  So I went Carrie style and had a banana with yumminess…since I had no PB, I covered it with Tofu Pudding 🙂

Looks gross, but is SO good!

Now to the run…..I didn’t warm up for the whole 5 minutes (that was probably not a good idea) but felt okay when I first started.  I wanted to get 8 laps and I did not care about the time it took me.  By lap 3, there was such pain in my legs that I honestly thought I was going to choke-up a little bit.  I just kept going, and so did the pain.  Although I had a good motion, it felt like my feet were just stomping straight down every time my feet connected with the ground.   I felt pain in my arch  and it was leading all up the front side of my leg.  I made it to 6 laps and then decided I was going to just let it go.  It hurt to walk to my van (yes, the mom van…augh!).  It took everything in me not to feel completely defeated (again) and to just be glad that it was the first time I ran 1.5 miles outside….but it still feels like slow progress, and so I was frustrated.

When I got home I whined explained to the Hub about my frustration, he basically let me know that running outside is a lot different and to be happy I did 6 laps when I could only do 3 laps a week and a half ago….point taken.  Then he also suggested that perhaps it really is my sneakers and that I can go ahead and get the Asics to see if they will be better!  We headed out to get some groceries, new earphones for him and new sneaks for me:

Please, give me more support!!!

So we will see how these babies work out for me.  For the good part, we once again ate out (Subway was on Tuesday) and I managed to do a good job!  We went to Taco Bell – which I NEVER eat – but I got two Fresco Chicken soft tacos…they were pretty tasty and didn’t make me feel all weighed down.  I just had a bottle of water with it, popped a juicy fruit and I was good to go 🙂

Here’s to a hopefully great friday which I will either do Yoga or Shred…perhaps the Shred and then stretch it out with Yoga…

Do sneakers make a difference in your run?  How do you fuel up so you don’t crap out?  How do you muster energy when you are exhausted?


One response to “Sleepless in Okinawa…

  1. Asics are the best running shoes apparently! i have them and they rock!! so sorry about your run- that pain sounds awful!!! aren’t nanners covered with deliciousness.. just great? i def recommend you get some nut butter and slather that on next time!!

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