Ordering a more natural lifestyle…rush delivery, please!

So as we know, I am in Okinawa


I'm somewhere right in the middle...

That means that I use a military shipping address (still an US address) and have a limited variety of healthy foods and baking items to buy.  I have been trying to make do, and I have been doing really well.  I am slowly trying to cut out a lot of the unneccessary processed items that would normally bog down my daily diet.  I have moved onto using oats, dates, nuts, beans, etc to make flavors and snacks more interesting and healthy for me.  I already received my Hodgson Mills order, and made the Buckwheat pancakes for ‘Pancakes and UFC’.  The hub didn’t care for them, but I thought they were awesome! 

Yay to the Buckwheat Pancakes

The thing is this: I do Weight Watchers, a lot of the things I am making keep adding up to a lot of points even though they are chalk full of healthy-good-for-you ingredients!  I keep trying to make them with lower points but then I am sacrificing taste and healthy items!  For example: Aunt Jemima Pancake mix will give me 3 pancakes for 3 points.  The Buckwheat Mix will give me 2 pancakes for 4 points.  This is why I am starting to really look into the ‘Intuitive Eating’ idea.  Should I be sitting here chosing something more processed because it is fewer points rather than eating what is so much better for me so I can save those points?  I am tired of being caught up on these numbers!  I don’t want to be worrying about whipping out the points calculator every time I want to try a new, more natural, recipe!  I don’t want to sacrifice healthy oils, nuts and grains.  I am a little bit stuck and would LOVE some input and advice!!!!  Please comment and let me know if I am being obsessive or really doing the right thing by possibly letting go of the numbers.

Should I have to give these up????

Or can I go both ways: wheat, nuts, oils AND Weight Watchers?

Anywhoo…since it was a busy night of football and errands, we went to grab dinner.  I got a 6 inch oven roasted chicken breast sub on wheat.  I had it loaded with veggies, (no cheese, please), and some sweet onion LF sauce (just s drizzle, not sure if I would like it).  It was really good!!!  I sat looking at the baked lays, but went with the apple instead and then just ate two of the hub’s.  Glad I got the apple because those were really oily to me!!  When I got home I was really in a chocolate mood.  Not in a ‘punish myself for wanting chocolate and then depriving myself’ mood…a full on REAL chocolate mood!  So I had a mini Toblerone bar that my dad sent out from Canada..it was delicious, I enjoyed it, and I felt great after eating it!  No stressing or guilt…one small step….

Ohhh sweet almond nougat!!!!

I am super tired so I made sure to get everything ready for the morning…items set out for the egg beater omelet

1/2 cup ready for egg beaters, and the fillings are already cut up in the fridge!

Had to make my addictive overnight oats for the morning to go with the egg beater omelet!  I was adding some cocoa mixture tonight to give it a nice rich flavor!!!

Wanting to eat them NOW!

Then I packed up my Bento for the lunch.  I have some tofu/chicken mixed with veggies that will be stuffed into a 1/2 a wheat pita, some tofu pudding with crushed flax cereal on top that will be spread on a banana, some yogurt with frozen berries and blueberries, and some grapes and tangerine!  I also packed 3 Fudgie Friends and an apple for a morning snack! 

Delicious, healthy and all good for me!!

I have a run tomorrow, so I hope I get a better sleep tonight!!  Last night was really rough and made the day a little bit long!  So, off to bed because right now the black circles under my eyes are a bit toooooo excessive!!!

Over-tired and showing it 😉

So here it goes:  Any suggestions for enjoying all of the amazing recipes, foods, grains, nuts and natural butter without obsessing over points??  Should I go with what feels and tastes good and just leave the numbers behind me???


4 responses to “Ordering a more natural lifestyle…rush delivery, please!

  1. Well hunnies, we all know you’ve been rather *ahem* “attentative” to your weight/diet over the years. My advice to you has always been just be healthy & happy. You’re doing amazing things, but don’t forget to stop & smell the roses!
    ps, stop obsessing about the points:-)

  2. I think I need to see how I ‘feel’ after I eat and then use that as a guide rather than numbers 🙂 You sure have seen how I can obsess about food, calories, weight and so on. It really is time to stop which is why I am thinking this whole ‘points’ thing is kind of holding me back!

  3. LET GO OF numbers!! honestly do it… WW is no way to live FOREVER! you must create a lifestyle that u can live in the long run so i would just star listeing to ur body- its the smartest way to do it!

    • I am going to really try to let it go. I know how hard of a change it is to make, but I really do think the scale and the points just egg on the obsession with numbers and don’t really tell the full picture. When my clothes are hanging off of me, and I am stronger and nutritionally healthier than ever, I think those numbers are a flase representation of the big picture!! I thought of you when I was at the bookstore on base, there is a Vegan Chocolate Cookbook….of course I forgot the name, I will look it up and send you the info! The recipes were amazing!!!!

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