Front kicks, Buckwheat, Pledge and Beer Butt..

That is an attention grabbing title!!! 

That basically sums up how I spent my lovely Sunday!  We have had a 5 year family tradition of watching UFC every time it is on.  While in Asia that ends up being Sunday mornings around 11am; therefore we have “Pancakes and UFC”.  We look forward to it, we thrive on it, we have raised our son to love it, too!  I should make a logo for it since it has been going on every month for literally…60+ months!!


The day started with some oats, another 3.2K (ran in 23 minutes this time, shaved off a minute) with my son at the gym, then off to get the l’il guy’s hair cut, onto the commissary to get some yummy eats for the week, then back home where I rushed to get the UFC spread cooked before it began!  We had Buckwheat pancakes with sugar-free syrup, egg beater omelets, and veggie sausage links!  I should have taken a picture, but I am serious when I say I was rushing!!  I won’t even go to the bathroom during UFC unless I can guarantee not to miss anything!  The fights were good, some were pretty explosive, some were slow and I found myself distracted!  Then the main fight came (Silva vs Belfort) I was hoping Silva would not be cocky in the octagon…I don’t think there was enough time!!  He landed an INSANE front kick right to the face (barbaric, I know) and knocked that poor guy out before he even landed!  Pretty exciting, and now to wait for the next ‘Pancakes and UFC’ on March 6th!!

image from source

Next it was cleaning time.  We get so busy during the week that we do an overhaul every Sunday…dusting, extra laundry, cupboard organizing, etc.  I love the smell of pledge furniture polish when the windows are open and the fresh air is blowing through!!!  Other than that I hate cleaning so it is usually a mad dash so we can get it all done and still get to spend the rest of the day on enjoyable things (the UFC usually takes until 3pm).  Besides, I was eager to make another batch of fudge babies and tofu pudding!!  (Will post my versions of these recipes on Monday).  I used some my mini rice shapers so I could make the l’il fudge babies cute and fun to eat!!  I love a good smile to go along with a yummy snack!

Using my bento rice shapers...gotta love CUTE fudge babies 😉

Bunny fudge Baby!

Of course I made some regular balls as well (don’t go there) to mix into the Fudge Friends!

My batch for the week!

After all of this goodness, it was time to play with the Youngin’ while Eric and James grilled the Beer Butt Chicken…A chicken that is perched over a can of beer and spices!  So delicious.  I prepped the veggies- my favorite part is grilled veggies!!

Yellow peppers, orange peppers and eggplant

Another staple in my daily eats: asparagus!!

Food was awesome!!  I love alternating  delicious left overs for my lunches.  I am going to mix these up in a whole wheat pita, grapes on the side and then finish it off with some Banana Tofu Pudding (as I said, recipe to follow)!!
I love Sundays!!  To finish off the post, I will end with a pic of the Youngin’ , who despite his non-stop yelling and fussiness, just makes my day!!!  Plus, he missed the photos during cherry blossom day thanks to the dead camera!!
Laugh/Crying...laughing to see the camera, crying because he couldn't have it!

Laugh/Crying...laughing to see the camera, crying because he couldn't have it!

What make your Sundays (or any favorite day) great?  How do you like to spend time with loved ones?

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