All about the goals (not Super Bowl)

It is Goal Time….

and a side note: the Packers are up 28-25 in the 4th, so I am hoping my next post with recipes will reveal that they win!!!!

A friend of mine asked me to post the versions of yummy new recipes that I have been eating!  I adapt them a bit to fit my own tastes, but my versions are listed in the next post- I didn’t want to link back to these recipes and have everyone need to look at all my goals, too!!  So here we go right into the goal recap and reset!!

The Goals!!! 

Here is how I did:

  1. Read my daily teachings everyday to help keep me calm and more relaxedread everyday before I went to bed, and actually slept better when I had peaceful thoughts (not to-do lists) running through my head!
  2. Complete C25K week 5- even though the last day seems  a little hard-SOOOO did awesome on this!  I did an extra day, beat the schedule each day, AND did an extra 4 min on the last ‘hard’ day.  Went from not quite a mile to running 2 miles this week!!
  3. Enjoy a FULL day for my family, having fun and enjoying each other’s company As you can see from this post we had a great day together, having fun and enjoying the fresh air/exercise/and nature!
  4. Do 2 Shred workouts, 1 yoga workout Did 2 Shred work-outs but skipped the Yoga for an extra run (bad or not bad?)  I will fit in yoga this week to get the extra stretching!
  5. Practice my moderation eating, don’t police myself too harshly! Did really well with this.  I let myself add things without being caught up on points and I actually had a few more sweets (well they were healthy sweets but seemed like they should be naughty) than I normally would.  I explored more and that lead me to actually enjoy more!!  I had a hamburger on Saturday and couldn’t have cared less…see this post to see how I am being successful in making small strides!! So exciting!!


  1. Do 3 runs on C25K– should I do the walk/run or should I just keep sticking at 2 miles and then bump up my distance on Sunday again???
  2. Incorporate more lentils and beans into my diet (thank you to Carrie for her amazing post that shows so many ways to use them!!!)  I have a phobia of beans- stems from a step mother and a forced spoon- so this is going to be work for me!
  3. Do Yoga at least once– I love it so much, so really I have no idea why this got cut out last week…so much easier when I am teaching a class, now it is not as fun on my own
  4. Try a new class (spin or zumba?) or form of exercise plus one shred workout this goal speaks for itself…mix it up to make it fun and give all areas of the body a shock every now and then!
  5. Do the trail run on Saturday with WOOT– Women on Okinawa Trails
  6. Get a mini vacation booked with my family for THIS month!!  We want family time away from it all!!!!

A lot of goals, but a lot of motivation and these goals seem fun to me!!!!


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