The Trail Run that wasn’t…the 3.2K that was!!


…So I mentioned in my last post that the trail run didn’t happen (BIG groans and BOOs all around!) due to the weather….here is the thing, the second it was supposed to start is when the weather completely cleared.  Since this was my first time out, I didn’t go at the last-minute because I had no idea where the actual trail was.  So I  excitedly dissapontedly went to the gym to hit the treadmill.  I don’t have great gear yet, so I didn’t want to run when it was sleek and wet outside because I would be the one person who would wipe out!


I would fall on the banana peel 😉

I was determined to do as best as I could…the C25K for the day was a straight 20 min of running….had not done that before and knew pacing would determine if I did it or not.  I blasted the Linkin’ Park and went to town.  I kept a steady (probably slow) pace and then cranked it up to 5.6 for the last 2 minutes.  Then I saw that if I were to go a little bit longer I would hit 2 miles….NEW GOAL!!!  I wanted to EARN that pedicure that was coming up, so I just tapped into the idea that I could say I ran 2 miles and gave ‘er!!!  A little slow: 2 miles in 24 min, but I will take it!!!  I was so excited that I did it, and felt really great about myself!  Reaching goals is seriously something I am starting to LOVE and something that makes these changes so EASY!!!

image from source

Full of elation from my run, it was time to go see my boy play football (he is not really into it, but has a lot of fun!) and then off to my reward for running 2 miles (3.2K) after only 3 weeks of running!  Oh, sweet, relaxing. amazing Cocoks!!!

It is always such a treat to go here!  Ocean view, relaxing aroma, yummy tea, and huge cozy recliners!!!  They have such amazing nail art, that it is always hard to choose what to get done!!  I got the hot pink with flowers (Valentine’s Day is coming, after all!).  It was so nice to get the leg massage and smell the sweet rose oil they use!  Oh, heavenly!!!!!

The lovely nail art

Next it was off to Nago to go see the cherry blossoms!!  I am a sucker for cherry blossoms and am always taken in my their beauty and simplicity.  It is almost automatic calm and relaxation as soon as I have these pretty little things in front of me….does anyone ever feel like this over something in nature???  Either way, I love ’em!!

Not quite fully bloomed, but still gorgeous!!

At the beginning of the road which leads to the Cherry Blossom Climb, there is a Banyan Tree…it is the oldest banyan tree in Okinawa!  They say that children who would play at the banyan trees would always get burn marks and nightmares if they were naughty.  The beautiful part of history is that ONLY children can see the tree spirits-‘kijimuna’ because of their innocence!  Either way this one is over 300 years old!!

A beautiful piece of Okinawan history!

A wider view...

We followed the steep path (a stroller will not go up the crazy amount of stairs) to get to the top of the mountain.  What a beautiful view the while way up!

See why I love these so much??!!

The lighting was so gorgeous...everything had a beautiful soft glow!

James was so excited at each and every tree…I guess my enthusiasm rubs off on him.  He just kept repeating how beautiful they were!

Making the journey uphill!

You can see the enthusiasm oozing out of him 😉

We wanted to get a ‘mommy and me’ photo, so we stopped for a quick second…unfortunately, I could not seem to get one with the blossoms in the background!

I have no idea what is going on with his hair, ha ha!!

So here is where I start to get a little bit bummed…we really did not even make it all the way to the top before the camera battery died….I am so serious!  I cursed (it is a bad habit) and I scowled!  My Hub just looked at me as if to say ‘seriously…suck it up and enjoy the sights without the camera.” So that is what I did.  I kept trying to turn on the camera and take a quick picture, which worked a few times, so here they are 🙂

Here is that gorgeous light again! James lagging a bit behind 😉

Me and the Hub!

Overall it was a gorgeous day!!   It was so rewarding to have a great run after being disappointed about missing the trail run!  It was awesome to see my l’il guy goofing around and having fun on the football field!  It was rejuvenating to have a lovely pedicure with friends, and it was simply breathtaking to have such a gorgeous afternoon with all 3 of my amazing boys 🙂

How do you celebrate a goal victory?  What rejuvenates you?  Where do you find simple pleasure and solace?


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