Happy Friday!!!!

I am posting this on Saturday morning, because yesterday was a bit tiring and I was honestly in bed before 8pm….all those early wake-ups finally kicked in!!  I made a Vlog in the morning, because I had a really great moment after stepping on the scale and not seeing what I wanted….YES, that is what I said!!  I had a great moment when I DID NOT see the number I wanted!!!  This is not the end of a journey, this is one moment that will lead to many more, and that is why I was so excited!

It really started my day off to a great start, even though I woke up again at 4:20am!!  THEN I got to have my first batch of amazing overnight oats…oh man, I am so addicted to those now!!

Oh, yummy!

Onto work with no coffee (I will manage?!) and my awesome lunch that I was super excited to eat.  I was already counting down the time until snack so I could eat my fudge babies!!!  They were so amazing, I had frozen them so they would be nice and cold, and it worked perfectly!  I was able to play outside with my students, we invented a game: monkey bar tag!!  This must be so funny to watch because I am too big for these monkey bars (not weight wise, I mean adult wise) but I still manage to dip, duck, dodge, dive and dodge!!  We had so much fun, the fresh air was so refreshing and hanging out with my l’il best friends is always a good time!!

I was beat last night and actually really hungry so as soon as I came home I knew I needed to eat before the crankiness took over completely!  Cue the Whole Wheat Naan veggie pizza, salad, fudge baby and then yogurt with a dollop of tofu mousse on top!  Fulfilling, delicious and seemed so bad but was soooo good for me!!

Naan Veggie Pizza and salad

A great mixture that I never would have tried before!!

 I was eager to make some more overnight oats for breakkie so I would be fueled for my first trail run, so I whipped them up quick before crashing out!

Saturday’s post will come tonight so I can fill you in on the trail run that wasn’t and the fun family day!!!

What new things have you eaten that you would have never tried before?


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