Malfunctions, mix-ups and fudge babies!

Man oh Man!!!  Have you ever had a day when lots just goes wrong, but you still manage to keep a sense of humor and have a great day anyways???  Rare, but I swear it happens (the keeping sane part)!

I knew as soon as I woke up I would be making the out-of-the-way detour in order to get a Buckies before work.  Somedays, I just need the espresso and the sentimental attachment that goes along with my Mochas…Starbucks and two amazing ladies got me through some tough times in Korea, so now I get nostalgic when I go there!  Started the day with a big ‘ol bowl of oatmeal, a teeny bit of dark chocolate, PB, SF syrup, banana, and some brown sugar…uh, hello ~ YUMMY!!!

Then I decided to try to curl my hair…my fine, thin, limp as a noodle hair.  I learned that you don’t CURL it, you WRAP it around the barrel!  I swear I have read that but never got that you actually wrap it around…DUH!!  So here it is at 5:50am

The 'lil bit 'o curl

It actually stayed all day and even kinda held up through the SHRED (see below).  So I made it to work (new curls in tow) and had a great day with my students.  It is sad but touching to hear them say they want to move to Europe so they can be with me, it makes me realize how special they are and that I am the teacher that I used to love as a kid (not bragging, just recognizing the impact they tell me I am making)!  We sat outside and gabbed like old girlfriends, and then gabbed some more before we finished up our lessons for the day.  I was so excited to start my night with the family (no more night shifts, remember?) so I am gallantly gliding out of my school when I get the call that the Youngin’ smacked his head while playing (he is okay, just a 10 month old klutz).  So I hurry my step to the door a little…but wait, there is now another call!  My other son was not picked up at the bus stop due to a crazy series of events misunderstanding…so he is at an entirely different base.  Now my step is TWICE as fast as I head out the door.  (This is just the low-end of stressful things for the day, but no need to rehash 😉 )So off I go to get James and wait for my husband who is also on his way and so we make our way to the Youngin’.  Eric dropped me at the commissary while him and James went to get Gavin (who ended up bumping his head AGAIN after they called me).  I got lots of goodies so I could start what may be a new obsession thanks to CCK (Chocolate Covered Katie)….here come the fudge babies

Mix the dates, almonds, vanilla and dark chocolate

Make (and devour) fresh salmon, roasted asparagus and salad while babies mix in the processor

My first fudge baby with dark chocolate chips on the outside!

Hmmm, perhaps I can add some beloved coconut to these babies…AND some oats to get a real cookie dough taste (love oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!!)

Second batch: dates, almonds, coconut, vanilla, and oats then a few dark chocolate chips stuck in

These are AMAZING!!  I put them in the freezer to get them a little stiff!  I ate one before they made it to the icy cold, and it was so yummy!!!  Could not believe it because I cannot stand the taste of dates!!!  I am so glad I found that recipe!!  There will be a lot more of these in my future!  But first, I needed to use of some left over soft tofu….so I made up some tofu pudding with syrup, cocoa, vanilla, a bit of soy almond milk.  That will be eaten with a banana for snack tomorrow!

Tofu pudding/mousse with some flax bran cereal, SF syrup and mini chocolate chips!!

SOOOO, after all of this I quickly made up some overnight oats like I saw on Carrie’s awesome site  (this chick is so cute and inventive!!!!).  I added some soy almond milk, and a dabble of the tofu pudding before setting it for the night!  THEN it was time for the SHRED (yes, I totally set the timer to 7pm so I would stop what I was doing to do this workout and stick to my routine!!).  I busted my butt, and did better than last time, so I know it is working…and I love it!!!!  So how did the curls hold up through my workout???  (Not that they aren’t going to get washed right out anyways, it is just amazing because curls never last more than 20 min in my hair)…

A wee 'lil bit 'o curl and a lot of sweat 😉

After this it was time for homework with James, dish washing, lunch prepping, the laying out of clothes and now my bedtime reading!!!  Tomorrow is Friday, Hooray!!!

How do you ‘fit it all in’ on a busy day?  Are you able to stay sane during stressful times?


2 responses to “Malfunctions, mix-ups and fudge babies!

  1. The curl is gorgeous!! wish i could get mine to look that fab w/o professional intervention..sigh!!

    • Tee, hee (insert girlish giggle)! Hopefully, I will get better as I continue to practice! My students told me they like it better with a curl than straight…gotta give them what they want 😉

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