The last night of nights!!!

Huh?  What the heck does that mean? 

THAT, my friends, means that it is the last night my husband will be on 12 hour night shifts!  This has been going on for TOO long!  Having a baby, a kindergartener, a full-time job, kid’s football, and a PTO to run, made being on my own EVERY NIGHT a little tough.  Not to mention my new goal of running and getting better about the meals I prepare and the exercise I do.  It has been a real test to my ability to stay organized, in a routine, and most of all, SANE!

I am a burnt out mama...but I will never give in 😉

I was tired and feeling a little under-enthusiastic about the run for the day, BUT does that mean I would skip it, HELL NO!!!  I want to run, not because I want to be skinny or because I want to buy smaller jeans (although, a healthy size 5 would be cool) it is because I am LOVING this journey!  I feel so much better setting goals and reaching them in terms of distance and time, not weight and size!!  It is slowly changing me, and making me more aware of what my body can do, instead of what it can look like!  So off to the gym I went on my way home from work…tired due to the 3:50am wake up, but geared to go!!  I did a 4min warm up, then ran for 1.22 miles, 2 min walking, and then another 0.25 mile.  It was pretty good, but I need to learn how to pace myself.  AAAANNNNDDDD, reminder to choose carefully what I wear UNDER my workout pants!!  The guy behind me must have been highly entertained because I had a series “bunching/falling down” undergarment issue.  I was hoisting up my knickers WAY too often and was starting to get a little self-conscious…cue the red face and embarrassment! 😉 But, I kept at it and was proud of my progress.  Did a straight 2K so I am almost half-way there and it took me only 2 weeks to go from 0k to 2k!

Not bad...starting to improve 🙂

NOW for some foodie goodies!  I read  a great recipe for homemade dark chocolate almond butter on OSG today so I decided to make a mini portion.  Easy peezy…???

Started blending almonds in mini-processor

When it forms a ball, break it up and blend some more...

Melted one little square of dark chocolate (not enough), plus butter spray to melt with it

Blend melted dark chocolate into the almonds (I should have let the almonds blend longer)

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter...not perfected....yet!

Okay, so I think it would have been easier with 1) a bigger batch, 2) the bigger/better processor in my cupboard, 3) more dark chocolate, 4) and a squirt of sugar-free syrup to add a bit of sweetness).  I am making a second attempt tomorrow, a full batch in the full processor!  This one turned out too stiff (not blended enough in the beginning…even though it was blending for over 20 minutes- hence my blaming suggesting the small processor and batch was to blame).  I will let you know how it turns out!

Some other FOOD!!  I made a yummy angel hair pasta mix up as well for some dinner  and took a lovely little pic.

Added basil, eggplant, and then some asparagus on the side!

I have been on a real eggplant kick lately, I add it to everything…that and tofu!!  I made up some more chicken with tofu and mixed peppers with tomatoes to have a nice little stir fry on a whole wheat low carb tortilla for lunch tomorrow. 

I plated it before I packed it so I could take a that weird?

I also packed the bento with some homemade trail mix, yogurt with berries (getting flax tomorrow to add to my yogurt), grapes, orange slices and veggies with hummus!!
As for tonight, I am ready to go to bed so I can toss and turn sleep peacefully all night!!!  Tomorrow is some recipe experimenting to stay tuned!!
What new recipes have you tried?  How do you get to sleep when you are over-tired and restless?

2 responses to “The last night of nights!!!

  1. I am still too chicken to try to make my own nut butter, but I’ll give it a shot soon!!

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