The Parent Room…augh!

Happy Monday (now that it is ending 🙂 )

The day started well, I got up with the intention of doing a little meditation to calm the hectic mind that constantly plagues me…however, the Youngin’ isn’t ready for me to be calm so he literally began wailing less than one minute into it.  Rather than be bothered, I laughed to myself and used it as a lesson…Relax through the static, don’t be upset when plans don’t work out, and at least I tried which helped calm me down anyways 🙂

I had some pancakes, an egg beater omelet and then completed the rest of my super-planned morning routine.   It was freezing at my school so I wore my jacket all day (note to self: bring a heating pad to sit on tomorrow).  I would have warmed up by running warm water on my hands…but, there is no hot water!  What is a teacher to do??  Jumping jacks and skipping with the students….we had fun and warmed up!

It was supposed to be my day off from running, but I am started to love it and love improving so…I decided to get home, grab the kiddies, and head to the gym parent room.  For those who are not sure, the parent room is a room that has a section blocked off for kids to play while the parents work out.  There are toys, a tv, etc.  It is an open room and you have to watch your children as well as work out!  Not too bad with children who are 5 (my son, James) but a little difficult with fussy babies!

Not a pic from the gym, but what I got a taste of tonight!!

The second I set him down the Youngin’ decided to go ‘balls out crazy’….not sure what the problem was. but he was just not used to the area, and wanted to make sure I knew it.  I knew he was okay because it was a screaming, annoying cry, not a ‘look at me I am in pain, hungry and sad‘ cry.  James was tending to him, so I decided to see what I could squeeze in before a complete infant melt-down.

I got to warm up for 5 min (like I said, I was freezing) and then began to run.  I go to 10 minutes and felt the worst kind of shin splint in my left (bad) leg.  I walked for 2 minutes while stretching and then started to run again.  During all of this the Youngin’ is going through phases of playing, screaming, eating a fruit puff, screaming, laughing at James, screaming, then screaming some more.  I did 5 minutes for the second run and then Linkin Park just wasn’t cutting it anymore in terms of drowning out the mundane temper tantrum, so I finished.  I was glad to only do 2  minutes of walking during the 15 minute run!! Wednesday I am set to do 8min run, 5 min walk, 8min run…I think I will try to do 10min run, 3 min walk, 10min run!

After my run, I came home (yes, he stopped and gave a smug laugh as soon as I picked him up) and got a bite to eat.  Leftover Tofu Parm (maybe TOO left over), an apple, and then a No Pudge Brownie…I deserved it after the “Parent Room Scream Fest“!

Oh yes, the jammies are on by 6:50!!! Gimmie brownie!!!

Made sure to savor every little bit!!

Then it was cuddles with James, stretching, prepping for the morning routine and now off to bed to read my lovely book!!!  Thankfully, the Hub will be off night shift next week so I will be able to get my runs (no jokes, please) in without the screaming….What doesn’t kill us makes us get a headache stronger!!

How do you get your workout in when the kids are un-cooperative?  Do you get mom guilt if your child is fussy and you don’t pick them up right away?


4 responses to “The Parent Room…augh!

  1. Ha! That happened to me once with Julia in Vegas! Here we have a huge playground that the kids play on and Colin just sits in his stroller right next to me while I run. If Colin is getting crabby I might cut my run a little short but not much.

  2. That is awesome (that you have a huge playground, not that Julia freaked out in Vegas)!! I have a run today, so I will rush home from work in order to get it done before picking up Gavin 🙂 I have been up since 3:50am, so let’s see how this goes 😉

  3. Hi Aunt Amanda. I love your website. See you in April. I love you!

    • Hey Hannah Banana!!! Thank you for loving my site, I cannot wait to see you. We can do some fun bento stuff and then do a post on here together!! Cannot wait to see you, pretty lady!!!! xoxoxoxo

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