Weekly Goals Jan 31st- Feb 6th

So how did I do over the past week??  GREAT!!!!

The Goals were:

  1. Two strength training/core work: 1 Yoga, 1 Pilates at least 30 minutes each! – switched this up a bit by doing one pilates for 30 minutes and then two 30 day shred workouts! (So I added an extra core/strength!!)
  2. Running 3 days- complete Week 4 of C25K program and track distance/times…complete each program-no stopping! DONE and with flying colors.  Significantly cut out walking times and upped the speed!!
  3. Track all food and do not use activity/extra points DONE and even blogged about how I had left over points+ on my ‘treat day’ I ended up with the following point totals left over for the week (my daily value is 29) Weekly Extras– 49 (none used) Activity Points -20 (non used) Extra Daily Points- 43 (never carried over anyways).
  4. Journal/Blog everydayDONE- made sure to address any issues I had, write about them, and try to find a good balance!!

So now for the new goals!!!

  1. Read my daily teachings everyday to help keep me calm and more relaxed
  2. Complete C25K week 5- even though the last day seems  a little hard
  3. Enjoy a FULL day for my family, having fun and enjoying each other’s company
  4. Do 2 Shred workouts, 1 yoga workout
  5. Practice my moderation eating, don’t police myself too harshly!

What kind of goals do you set for yourself?  Are you able to stick to goals you set, or are they too hard to attain?  What is one weakness you would like to overcome?


2 responses to “Weekly Goals Jan 31st- Feb 6th

  1. Amanda, You are making me want to set some goals! I do have a very hard time making goals that I set. Great job on meeting your goals!!! Miss ya!

  2. Thanks, Cassy!!!! If I make them small but attainable it makes it easier and more rewarding!! That way I am more motivated to stick to them because I know I can!!!

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