“Cause, Baby you’re a firework!!!!”

..I swear I am going to have that on repeat when I am feeling like I just don’t have it in me to run!! 

It was a long day today…the Youngin’ and I have been experimenting with insomnia and we are realizing that maybe it is not for us!  Let’s see if we can kick that new habit to the curb tonight!

I will be honest, I was totally pulling  fake smile and giving a huge show of fake enthusiasm for my run today.  Yes, I know it is still miniscule and that what I am running is probably as easy as taking an extra breath to some people, BUT it is hard for me.  This is my 5th day running, and I have jumped from starting at week one on C25K to starting at week 4…the week they say it gets hard….I have already noticed a difference with my breathing, it was not bothering me today at all (I was also on a treadmill because it was pouring outside, but still).  My legs are always an issue, they hurt.  Bad.  Annoyingly Bad!  As I left work today (a huge thank you to my amazing students for really just being my 8 year old best friends, and always being happy just to see me!) I made my 30 minute drive to the gym.  I listened to some good music and told myself I would not let my ‘gym phobias’ bug me while I was running.  I could care less if someone judges me for running slow or talking walking intervals, I am going to Zone in on my goal, I am going to do this and do it as hard as I can because Sunday is a new program!

Image from source

Enter: Katy Perry!  I looked at the marathon playlist from www.beneathitallblog.com and got a few of her tunes this morning.  (What a motivation just to look at her site, races and amazing attitude!)  I cut my ‘walking’ down 2 minutes, and the walking breaks in between the running.  THEN when I was getting the same ‘ol dead leg, Katy Perry’s “Firework” came on my IPod….I have heard this song, sang along and all of that, but let me tell you, I got an instant JOLT of energy.   I was on the last ‘run’ session and I had been running at 5.2…yes, it is slow, but I just got so much energy I bumped it up to 6.0 and could honestly not stop smiling while I was running!!  Was I crazy? Was I really way too excited over how a song was getting me pumped up? Or was I really feeling the message of the song, and rather than energy, I had gotten a jolt of pride and confidence ~ BINGO!!!  I felt good, I felt like a ‘runner’, I really liked one particular lyric (listed under the picture) and that is really what this whole journey is about!  Don’t let your self-doubts stop you from ANYTHING, you can reach your goals and you can change the direction of where your thoughts lead you! 

It’s always been inside of you, you, you…and now it’s time to let it through!

So since I got that boost and really saw an improvement today, I realized that I want to keep this going!  So….I am going to do the Earth Day 5K run on April 16th (about 3 days before we leave here) and the 10K Susan G. Komen for the Cure on September 25th in Frankfurt.  I am trying to see if there is anything in Wisconsin while we are there in April and May, but all the races are far from where we will be.  In Germany I am going to plan on doing whatever the base is offering in July or August as well! 

Only 5m30sec of that was spent walking!!!

So there you have it…one lyric from a song was all it took to really get me to see what I am capable of doing.  That song made me jump my speed and got me to go an extra 1/4 mile (which is a lot for this newbie)!  That lyric got me to vow to run races that I never would have done before, and that lyric really made me stop and realize that…”Baby, I’m a FIREWORK!”

Have a great FRIDAY!!!!!


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