What do you want to do with your life? “I wanna ROCK”

Well, I don’t really want to rock in the musical sense but I do want to ROCK!  I want to be a ROCKIN’ mama and wife!  I love to make ‘to do’ lists just so I can cross things off.  If I did something that was not on the list, I will write it on there just so I can cross it off!  I told you, I have a touch of OCD…I get it from my Dad who is obsessive about making lists and being on time.  Can I just say, on a side note, that if I am driving to work and not at a certain point in traffic by they time they do a certain morning announcement, I have a mild panic attack….I am so weird! 

Anyways…so back to lists.  I think it is important to make ‘to do’ lists: as a mother, as a teacher, as a PTO president (for my son’s school, not my own), as a grocery shopper, as a person who is very forgetful and easily distracted, AND as a person who wants to be able to scream “ACHIEVED!!!”

Image from source

I stumbled upon a great way to get organized and set goals that matter!  I was looking for head bands on the website of a store I love to visit and drool over, Lulu Lemon!!  They have a whole strategy to get you started on making goals that really matter to you and embrace what you want from life!  Click on the link above and it will lead you right to the site so you can get to ‘goal planning’!!  It is so rewarding to cross things off of an everyday kind of list, so think of how great it will be when you achieve a life goal!!

I write ‘life letters’ to myself and seal them in envelopes.  They are set for 5 year goals.  I have one from April 2007, I will read it in April 2012.  After looking through the above link I decided to write another letter!  Once I complete the worksheet I will post it here…however, the letter I write will stay sealed 😉

image from source

To address my goals that I had for today: I ate very well, I drank a ton of water, I blogged (obviously) and I did my first 30 Day Shred workout…whew!  I was literally shaking during the shoulder raises, but I loved it!!!  I checked my HRM afterwards and am kinda wondering ~ is this possible?

465 calories from my 26 min 30 Day Shred workout...could it be?????

That would be awesome, because it sure felt like I was working my arse off!!  I really hope I can move tomorrow because I have my last run for C25K Week 4 before the running time jumps up.  I am hoping the weather warms up because it is cold (for Okinawa, that is)…note that on Sunday I was posting pics of my run in the sun along the beach, now it is in the low 50’s and raining everyday.  C’mon sun, come back because this weather is CRAP!  Alright here is my after workout, happy to be done, look at my drooping eye because I am so tired picture 🙂

'V' for Victory (it is a victory to me that I stayed awake long enough to do a work-out!)

Cheers and sorry if this post is ‘blah’ but I think I might be sleeping…..


One response to “What do you want to do with your life? “I wanna ROCK”

  1. I always thought the 30 day shred was an awesome workout! The best part is the option to do it without Jillian’s voice 🙂

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