Two Birds With One Stone

Happy Wednesday!!

So, I have always had a complex about running in the gym or on the track…especially when there is a unit PT going on.  (Military Physical Training with a large group of people running fast, and working their butts off).  I have always been self-conscious to ‘walk’ when they are running and huffing it.  Well, despite it being cold and rainy and me being sick and clouded, I decided to hit the track.  It is Week 4 Day 2 of my C25K and I had a sneaking suspicion my body was going to try and get the best of me…..but before we see how the run went, let’s start at my 4:36am wake-up call.  the Youngin’ wanted to wake early, so I also woke early…in a fog and utterly exhausted.  After getting ready for work I decided to make a nice breakfast for myself!

Cooking up a storm at 6am

French Toast with Nutella/PB and banana, Egg Beater Omelet ~ 4pts+

It was VERY yummy and filling!  I could not believe I was able to modify and substitute in order to make such an amazing breakfast for only 4pts+…BONUS!

I also have my lovely bento that I packed last night (I already have tomorrow’s packed, hee hee)  I had: salmon with grilled broccoli and asparagus, yogurt with grapes, pita with hummus, and a salad!

Yum, yum, yum!!!!

The day was a little rough!  I was freezing cold, sneezing and could not stop my nose from running.  I absolutely REFUSED to let that throw me off course, or get me down!!  On my way to pick up the Youngin’ I stopped at the track (here the story of my phobia continues…) there were two separate units doing their PT.   You can bet I sashayed my butt into the gym to take the run to the treadmill….BUT, they were all full!  C’mon, Really????  So outside I went, and like a movie or some sort of perverse joke, it started to rain.  Nope, don’t care…I am going to DO this run!  I did my walking warm up and smiled even though people literally ‘dodged’ me.  There are 5 lanes, but I guess they had to be in the lane I was using, perhaps to make a point, OR perhaps to be my motivation to say “Meh, I am learning and going at my pace so I do this RIGHT!”  I did my run, and although my foot started shooting pain, I huffed through it.  The breathing was alright, the dead legs were the only thing making it hard.  I did it though and that is what matters.  I did not stop, and I even passed TWO guys that had to keep stopping!!  It made me feel good that I could keep up and that I was just as deserving to be on that track!  I gave a little extra walk at the end to enjoy the drizzle and the fresh air!

4th day running- C25K Week 4 Day 2...517 calories burned!

After getting the Youngin’ I came home in time to see my Hub off on his last night shift of the week (YAHOO!!!) and then began making my Tofu Parmesan…new recipe.

Cooking the Tofu....James took this picture for me 🙂

before the oven...I added eggplant on the bottom and spinach on top

Hot and bubbly out of the oven!!

Warm and delicious….ready for my belly!!!

It was so good.  I think I would have cooked up the tofu a little more before putting it in, but for my first attempt, very yummy!!!!  I added a salad with feta and FF Balsamic vinegar on top just to get some extra crunch in my meal!  The rest of my evening has consisted of: laying things out for tomorrow, packing the bento for tomorrow, doing laundry, planning breakkie for tomorrow, and taking a quick warm bath as I read my SELF magazine!  Overall a good day… achy body has NOTHING on my determination 🙂

Here's to a successful day 🙂


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