Don’t mess with a good thing ;)

Good Day!!!

…Before I get into how my day went (it was successful) I am going to mention how I should stop messing with good things…for example: the new pancake mix I bought.  The worry about ‘points’ got to me, so before really going over the recipe to see what the points would be, I started changing it.  Well substituting, adding and taking out ended up turning the pancakes into a hot mess!

Pancakes (fail), dry Total Raisin Bran, and barely visible yogurt

I tried to add some dark chocolate with the sugar-free syrup and heated cherries, but it just could not fix these poor little pancakes!!  Well, what is a girl to do?   Uh, how about follow the recipe???  I re-made them the way they were supposed to be made…almost!  I substituted “no sugar added applesauce” for the oil, and Egg Beaters for the egg.  I added a little cinnamon and brown sugar.  They turned out WAY better and it was only 1 pt+ for 2 pancakes!  I gobbled mine quickly in the kitchen as I made my lunch for tomorrow and did not take a picture 😦 However, I made enough for breakfast tomorrow so there will be a picture of them for my breakfast 🙂

I know I have mentioned my new love for Nutella!!  Today I had it on toast, melted with peanut butter and banana.  SO good!!!  I felt  like I splurged, when I really didn’t!!

Toast with pb, nutella and banana with mixed fruit

I packed up my bento for lunch: toasted pita with hummus for a snack.  Chicken, left over grilled veggies, grapes and Sugar-Free pudding for lunch, and then an apple with 2/3 cup FF yogurt for afternoon snack!  Everything was so good, but I was left feeling bloated a majority of the day…yuck!

It was a bit of a rushed evening but I got everything done.  I was running around my kitchen like  a mad woman, knowing that I really needed a little treat.  This is what my kitchen looked like as I was preparing lunches for tomorrow….who wouldn’t want a treat?

A nice cluster of measuring devices and flavor!

So I decided to melt down one tiny square from my “Hershey Special Darkbar and then dipped 3 strawberries into it.  I stopped long enough to lean against the counter and eat them….nice, sweet, and fresh!!  Ahhhh!

My little bit of relief on a busy night!

I did get all of my goals met for the day, and I did 30 minutes of Pilates.  It is so weird, after teaching for so long, it is hard to just do pilates on my own without doing the talking and motivating as if I am in class.  It works just as well, being my own student means I can kick my own butt 😉  I felt good afterwards and was glad that I did it despite feeling tired!!

Ready for bed after a good pilates beat down 😉

I got the 30 day shred so I will try that out tomorrow after my son’s football practice.  I am hearing great things and I think will like it, mixing things up never hurt!  Speaking of mixing things up, I am going to get som firm tofu tomorrow and make up a great recipe I saw for Tofu Parmesan…it looks delicious, and I am a sucker for Italian!!  Hopefully it will turn out well, I promise to stick to the recipe 😉 

How do you adjust recipes to make them healthier or bulkier?  What workouts do you really push yourself with?


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