Weekly Goal Update and My Sunny Sunday

So Sunday is the day to give my outcome for my weekly goal and post about how I spend my lovely day!

My goal stats are as such:

  • Eat 5 fruit and veggie plus 2 dairy each day: YES!!!!
  • 3 Cardio workouts- at least 2 include 5K training: YES!!! I did 5 cardio sessions, 3 were running, 1 was a long walk, and 1 cardio step/boxing workout
  • 2 strength training sessions: Half!! I did a workout last Sunday for strength, then my 5 cardio.  I was trying to do some training on Saturday but only ended up with a lot of squats and push-ups.  Not counting it as a full strength training workout!
  • Journal everyday YES!! I did my blog everyday, and used my journal as well.  It really helped me work through the areas that were causing me stress and difficulty.  Still trying to understand the issues with bloating and stomach pain, but will keep writing it out everyday 🙂

Now for my “Sunny Sunday”…

Look at this beautiful weather!!!

I got up knowing I was going to start on Week 4 Day 1 of my C25K plan.  That is: 5 minutes brisk walking, 3 minutes running, 90 seconds walking, 5 minutes running, 120 seconds walking, 3 minutes running, 90 seconds walking, 5 minutes running, then a 5 minute walking cool-down.  This may seem easy to some, but for a person who does NOT run, this was a bit of a challenge.  When I ran on Friday I could do 3 min running, 3 minutes walking, 6 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 3 minutes running and that was it.  So to go run along the beach and complete an additional 5 minutes from my last run was EXTREMELY exciting for me.  Any goal in numbers is a great achievement for me, a person who has never been able to do it!  It was so gorgeous outside, and Araha Beach is just a beautiful spot to run.  It will now be the spot for my Sunday runs (where each week Sunday is the day my time increases).  Take a peek!!

Araha Beach

Where my ran began...

Kept looking at this to distract myself 😉


Reached the end and turned around so this is going in the opposite direction

I could not stop smiling when I finished, I was so proud of my self for not stopping.  I have a habit of going on my tip toes when I run, I have no idea why it makes it easier (relief from shin splints, I guess) but this time I did the whole run NO TIP TOES!!  Suck it up, Princess 😉 


Red as a beet and extremely happy!!



The route along the beach


Then it was errands, grocery shopping (I got some new things: Gluten Free pancake mix, Nutella, Nann, hummus and No Pudge brownie mix)  Had a delicious ‘light’ lunch and then went to a Bday party for my son’s ‘girlfriend’ (no cake for me!!)

Tried Nann and Hummus... I am hooked!

Once we got home I made up some Sukiyaki with balsamic vinegar, grilled asparagus, and greens for dinner.  Prepped food and produce for the week, did some single serving baking, and then finally left the kitchen!!

The night ended with me cuddling and relaxing with my boys!  Perfect Sunday 🙂


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