New Goals for Jan 24-30

Happy Monday!!

A new week begins, so I will set some new goals.  I cannot figure out how to make  a post go directly into my “Weekly Goals’ page, so if anyone can assist, I would appreciate it 🙂

The Goals

  1. Two strength training/core work: 1 Yoga, 1 Pilates at least 30 minutes each!
  2. Running 3 days- complete Week 4 of C25K program and track distance/times…complete each program-no stopping!
  3. Track all food and do not use activity/extra points
  4. Journal/Blog everyday

I think these are attainable.  It ups my cardio a bit and the mixture of yoga and pilates will help keep me stretched out and strengthen my core~lots of planks and side planks!!

Twisted Crane- great for arms, shoulders and abs!!

Here’s to a great week ahead!!!  What are your goals??


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