The Search for a Fresh Market

The Search is on…

Since Saturday’s are really our only family day (my husband has a rough schedule) we decided to venture out and try to find a new fresh market!  I love the local produce and it is great to just try some new things!  Plus, the produce is so expensive on base (it costs roughly $8.00 for 5 apples) so sometimes I can get good deals off base 🙂

We started off early today (Gavin decides he does NOT sleep in on weekends).  I was hungry right off the bat so I made a delicious and very filling breakfast!  An english muffin with melted natural peanut butter (with left over drizzled on top), 1 sliced apple, and 1/4 cup dry Total Raisin Bran….so yummy!!!

Delicious and satisfying!!

Before we headed out I decided to make lunch so I was not tempted to grab something quick and unhealthy!  I made a pita pizza with WW string cheese, peppers, tomatoes, red onion, and spinach.  Then I had a spinach salad, some water and a bit of apple.

This was really filling and flavorful!

We had a fun time looking around the island trying to the new markets.  Eric found one that looked really nice, but it turned out to be tiny!  Sometimes smaller is better, because they had some great freshly baked goods, pantry items, jellies and pestos!  We got some mini croissants, a jar of pesto, and some bottles of water.

Pantry Goodies!

Fresh PeppersFresh croissants

 After wandering around some more we found a little market and since the youngin’ was getting fussy, I just ran in quickly to get our goods.  I got 8 fresh apples, a bundle of bananas, some clementines, 3 eggplant, green peppers, strawberries and what looked like potatoes but turned out to be a really slimy root of some sort.  Eric decided to grill up the fresh veggies with some chicken for our dinner!  I love grilled vegetables, they have this wonderful flavor and I could just eat them by the pile!

Grilled goodness!

After that we decided to just relax and enjoy family night!  I treated myself to some Peanut M&M’s mixed with 1/3c dry Total Raisin Bran, and 2 bottles of water.  Treat days are Saturday, so I like to have a little indulgence while I enjoy my family movie night!  It was a great day, I love it when we can all be together (about once or twice a week, boo!).  Before we know it we will be on leave in Wisconsin and then starting a new journey in Germany!!

One response to “The Search for a Fresh Market

  1. I love that you had M&Ms mixed in with cereal, I like to do stuff like that too. Bulking out something that’s “bad” with stuff that’s healthier. One of my favourite things to have as a treat is sliced banana with fat free yoghurt and then some chocolate chips sprinkled on! Or plain popcorn with chocolate chips.

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