C25K and Asics Nimbus 12

Okay, so after seeking advice from my friends, I have come up with two things that I think are going to help me out a lot with this goal!!

               Asics Gel Nimbus 12   


The “Couch to 5K” running plan (I will start on week 3 since I only have 6 weeks instead of 9), and the Asics Gel Nimbus 12.  I have a bad knee – torn meniscus when I was younger that has turned into arthritis- so these shoes seem perfect for helping with support!  A friend told me about them, and after reading all the specs, I think they will also work for me!

I did my 1k last night and next run I will do the week 3 C25K plan!  I am actually very excited about this!  I think this is a great thing for me!!!! 

Food for fuel:

So we need groceries desperately, but with this week’s schedule it was hard to get to the store before it closed.  For breakfast I am having: pancakes with pureed strawberry and banana mixed in, egg beaters, and water.  Snacks for the day are an apple with a baked tortilla and some peanut butter, then in the afternoon 2/3c yogurt with mixed berries and some fresh green beans.  For lunch I have a spinach salad, chicken with homemade pesto, tomatoes and asparagus, an orange and sugar free pudding.  For dinner I am having 3oz angel hair pasta with tomatoes, garlic and homemade pesto (getting rid of left-overs). 


DSC01799                                 DSC01800



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