The goal is set….


I am setting a goal to run the “St.Patty’s Day” 5K on March 5th! 

I have just over 6 weeks to train my body to run 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes and more!!!

The reason this is  a big goal?  I do NOT run!!  I cannot even run for 3 minutes without feeling like I am going to pass out or collapse! 

So why set this “a little bit hard for me to conceive” goal?

A few reasons to be honest!  Mainly, my reason is to set a goal that is hard but attainable.  I know if I put my mind to this I can do it!  I know that if I focus on a goal (other than just the number on the scale) it will give me a higher sense of accomplishment, AND it will give me a huge kick of confidence!! 

I can often be heard saying, “I just can’t run”.  My goal to reach before leaving Okinawa is to be heard saying, “I just ran a marathons and am getting ready for another one as soon as I get to Germany!”

I can do this!!!




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